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Excavator Safety & Training Videos  
New 5-part instructional videos for excavator operators

Fundamentals of Excavator Operation

Video #1 - The Excavator

Video #2 - Trench Digging

Video #3 - Trench Servicing and Backfilling

Video #4 - Loading Haul Units

Video #5 - Benching and Sloping

The Fundamentals of Excavator Operation is a new 5 part set of videos that provide a valuable resource for all excavator owners and operators as well as instructional programs.

This series of videos will benefit both new and experienced operators of excavators by showing safe, efficient and productive applications along with various techniques to enhance or improve the safe operation of excavators. The videos work together to offer a complete range of basic operating techniques. They were produced by qualified instructors with a combined operating and instructional training experience of 47 years.

Training Organizations will be able to utilize these videos to enhance classroom and field instruction.

Companies will benefit by having their operators become safer and more productive.

Municipal and Public Works crews can be more versatile with quality training.


5 Video Set . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $495.00


Video #1 The Excavator

This video serves as an introduction to excavators. It begins by identifying the various parts and components of the machine. Maintenance concerns of excavators are covered in detail as well pre-op inspection. Safety First is always the rule, and this video reinforces that point to the viewer.

   Video Covers:

Major Machine Components   

General Excavator Safety 

Service & Preventive Maintenance

12 Minutes    


Video #2 Trench Digging

Digging trenches is the most common work task expected of excavators, and this video does an excellent job of covering common trenching procedures. The scope of the video includes all aspects of the job, from starting the job through providing a safe and proper trench for utility installation.

   Video Covers:

The One Call System 

Preparing The Job 

Operating Techniques 

Production And Cycle Times 

Machine Setup 

Trench Sloping Procedures 

Grade Checking 

Finish Grading The Trench 

Digging Technique 

Productive Cycle Times

12 Minutes


Video #3 Trench Servicing and Backfilling

This video shows bedding procedures that are common to utility installation, and how they are performed. In addition, the video covers safety concerns, machine setup techniques and compaction procedures.

   Video Covers:

Servicing Trenches 

Bedding Procedures 


Co-workers safety 

Machine Setup procedures and techniques 

Compaction procedures 

Changing and carrying buckets

12 Minutes


Video #4 Loading Haul Units

Loading trucks is one of the most common tasks that an excavator operator will face. This video covers the many aspects of this procedure that will ensure success for future operators.

   Video Covers:

Positioning the machine 

Positioning the truck 

Machine setup 

Safety concerns 

Production efficiency 

Positioning material in the tuck 

Preventing damage 

Grooming the load 

Preparing the loading area 

Climbing up and down steep slopes

12 Minutes


Video #5 Benching and Sloping

Benching is a cut and fill process that is fundamental for performing many basic excavator operations. It is used in attaining a proper machine setup as well as pioneering roads. This video covers this fundamental of excavator operation so that operators can apply these principles to their own job.

   Video Covers:

Cut and fill operations 

Road building 

Setup of the machine 

Maneuvering the machine 

Sloping Techniques 

Benching Techniques 

Grade checking 

Finish grading

12 Minutes

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