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Loader Safety & Training Videos

4-part instructional videos covering rubber-tire and track loaders

View Sample of Video #1 - Introduction

Video #1 - Introduction

Video #2 - Maintenance

Video #3 - Safety

Video #4 - Operating Techniques

These videos provide for the first time, an organized, professional approach to understanding the three most important areas of loader use: Safety, Maintenance, and Operating Techniques.

This four tape set will help operators and mechanics make better and more informed decisions in every aspect of loader operation.

The videos do this by:

  1. Improving knowledge
  2. Creating powerful and lasting images in the mind of the viewer
  3. Encouraging a conscientious attitude

The results of this learning process are improved maintenance habits, a higher level of safety awareness, and improved productivity.

We are proud to offer this revolutionary set of safety and training videos. Each video is packed with never before published information, and is presented in everyday language. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique training source and see the results in your employees.

4-Part Set (DVD Only). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $395.00

Loader Safety & Training Video #1 - Introduction

Provides an overview of loader uses, concerns, and general operation, laying the groundwork for more detailed learning

Commonly used terms of loader operation are defined and explained.

Brings viewers to the knowledge level required to understand the information contained in the following videos.

Explains critical concerns about transmission and brakes that all operators must understand.

By outlining subjects covered in other three videos, the viewers are prepared to comprehend and retain the detailed information.

This video has been designed to take people from any walk of life and give them the basic knowledge required to understand the complicated subject of loader operation.

It reveals the five major elements of operation: fundamentals, forces, principles, techniques and procedures. These elements are vital for efficient operation, and their relationship to operating is shown for the first time in this video.

Viewers are cautioned on some of the potentially dangerous aspects of loader operation, such as transmission, brakes, and weight considerations. The video uses proven techniques to help the viewer comprehend and retain the detailed information in the remaining videos.


Wide variety of loader uses

How to gain from the experience of other operators

Loader terminology

Before dismounting the loader

Break out force

Z-bar linkage

Basic machine controls

Every job is different. BUT

The 5 major elements of operation:
      Fundamentals, Forces, Principals, Techniques, and Procedures

Weight and its critical considerations

Start up and shut down procedures

Critical aspects of transmission and brakes

Overview of videos 2, 3, & 4


19 min (DVD Only) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $129.00 


Loader Safety & Training Video #2 - Maintenance

Improves worker's understanding of the loader's components and systems.

Viewer learns the importance of meticulous maintenance habits.

Prevents premature component failure due to ignorance or sloppy maintenance.

Encourages regular greasing by explaining and simplifying greasing procedures.

Promotes longer life to high cost undercarriage and tires.


This video is designed to create an in-depth understanding of the loader. It achieves this by breaking the loader down into its main components and systems, making this complex machine and its maintenance requirements easier to understand.

With that understanding, workers will see why conscientious maintenance is important to achieve the maximum lifespan from all of the loader's components. Putting the knowledge into practice is covered with information on following a regular maintenance schedule.

Preventative maintenance is covered with greasing tips and procedures, and methods of keeping contamination out of the oil, fuel, and air supply.


Machine components and systems

Sealed compartments

System contamination, and how to avoid it

Filter servicing and maintenance

Daily maintenance

Pre-operation procedures

Greasing procedures

Fluid levels

18 min. (DVD Only) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $129.00


Loader Safety & Training Video #3 - Safety

Workers learn that accidents have devastating consequences to health, family, and income.

Exposes the most common loader accidents, creating operator awareness, resulting in safer working practices.

Past accidents pinpoint specific dangers. Operators can then gain experience from the mistakes of others.

Provides safety guidelines for people who work around the loader.

Raises operator awareness of the wide scope of requirements for safe loader operation.

Safety issues are coming to the forefront more and more each day in the heavy equipment industry. This video has been produced specifically to deal with these issues.

To put across its message as forcefully as possible, the video spells out the far reaching consequences of an accident and the devastating effect it can have on a worker's life, income, and family.

The video moves on to show common loader accidents, including the number one cause of accidents. Ground rules are provided for operators and anyone who works around these machines. This well planned strategy, plus heightened awareness of when and how the accidents occur, helps to prevent worker injuries.

Viewers will learn the importance of the pre-operation check, and how carry it out, plus general site safety.


The far reaching consequences of accidents

Common types of loader accidents

Universal law accidents

Mechanic and operator safety

#1 loader accident and how it can be eliminated

Safety systems

Pre-operation check

"In-the-seat" concerns

General site safety

Worker safety - how to work safely around loaders

Blind spots

18 min. (DVD Only) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $129.00

Loader Safety & Training Video #4 - Operating Techniques

Explains loader use in simple and easy to understand terms that everyone can relate to.

Explains the forces and actions that occur at the bucket's cutting edge.

Teaches how to obtain precise control of the bucket.

Clearly explains the fundamentals of loader operation, and how to balance them for efficient operation.

Explains the wide range of "In the seat" concerns and responsibilities.

Several bucket loading techniques are covered for efficient loading in various conditions and materials.

Drawing on over 100 man years experience, skilled operators explain in detail how to maximize productivity and minimize loader abuse.

Before imparting the knowledge gained from these veteran operators, the video explains the fundamentals and forces involved in operation. These include: penetration of a wedge, driving force, weight, traction, friction, and power.

The video shows how to manipulate all these factors to operate the loader to its full potential.

The operator's knowledge and skill are the keys to efficient, safe, and productive loader operation. This video helps to raise the operators performance by creating an in-depth understanding of these key areas.


Loader bucket as a tool

Penetration of a wedge

Power delivery unit

Fundamentals of operation

Weight, friction, traction, and power

How to combine and manipulate these forces

Poor techniques

Bucket use principals and techniques

Bucket loading techniques

How to maximize loader productivity


18 min. (DVD Only) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $129.00           Top of Page


Here's what our customers think of our Loader Safety & Training videos:

"WOW! Very specific! Finally someone has made training tapes for all aspects of loader operation and not just 'generic' safety rules."

"Terrific! Very practical. Gives beginning operators something to drawn on mentally, until experience is accumulated." Gives begining operators something to drawn on mentally, until experience is accumulated."

"Outstanding! Professionally assembled with a layman's terms for understanding."

"They were very well prepared. Extremely informative and, all in all, very good."

"Clear and to the point."

"The best I've seen to date."


We asked, "Did the tapes have a beneficial impact on your operators and workers?"

"Yes, the new employees were helped before operating equipment. Used as retraining for older employees."

"Yes, the role of personal responsibility of operators was refreshing to see."

"Yes, especially the inexperienced people that have not been in the situations illustrated."

"Definitely, They learn more because the units are up to date and of greatest importance, and the videos are not condescending."

"Very Helpful! Made operators aware of potential hazards and proper operating skills."

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