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Tractor-Loader-Backhoe Safety Videos

VIDEO #1: Operator Safety

SAFETY FIRST! .on the machine or on the ground

Operator Safety deals with loader-backhoe safety and is designed specifically for operators. The tape covers the most common mistakes and accidents involving these machines, as well as loading, transporting, utility dangers and rollover accidents.    (20 min.)

VIDEO #2: Worker Safety

Worker Safety addresses the need for a set of practical guidelines for the many other trades that work with the loader-backhoe on a daily basis. It should be noted that more than half of the injuries and deaths associated with these machines involve laborers and other tradesmen. The tape explains how plumbers, electricians, laborers, and all other tradespeople can work safely with the loader-backhoe.
(20 min.)

Equipment Training Resources' videotapes provide a comprehensive safety framework for loader-backhoe operations. The set of two twenty minute tapes are professionally filmed, and provide usable and easy to follow guidelines for loader-backhoe crews. The videos were designed to teach operators and tradesmen uniform guidelines to most jobsite situations. This framework helps crews develop a team oriented and coordinated approach to safety awareness. Both entertaining and informative, the tape's message is retained by the viewer and put into practice on the job.

2 Video Set (DVD Only) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $195.00

Here's what our customers think of our videos:

"Your video is one of the best that we have used. Your low price and satisfaction guarantee, we couldn't go wrong."

"The best commercial safety tapes we've seen."

"Practical and easy to understand. The graphics were well done."

"Very good videos - easy to understand."

"Good, clear tapes, very informative for safety training."

"Excellence with both tapes"

"Very good presentation."

"I thought the videos were thorough in their coverage of the material discussed."

"Computer graphics were excellent."


"Overall the videos were well made. They seemed to hold the attention of the audience."

"These tapes made the men think about what could and can happen."

"We looked at both of your safety videos numerous times with a critical eye and found the tapes to be excellent. Neither of us has driven a backhoe before so we viewed the material from the perspective of novices. The information was presented in a clear enough manner that we had no trouble understanding what it would take to operate a backhoe safely. We were especially impressed by the quality of the graphics and the "staged accidents."

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